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Our Story
Becoming COCHIC

We are born out of the desire to create innovative fashion accessories that are both stylish and practical.

While growing up, Patrizia, our founder, watched her father agonize over wearing a tie with a buttoned up collar. Later, she noticed other people also struggling to feel at ease and stay well-dressed. That’s when she got the idea for the COCHIC collar extender­, and later the waist extender.  

Today, COCHIC offers a variety of high-quality accessories for those who love to feel stylish and comfortable.


The Green Taylor

"Love these. Simple genius of design. Using elastic to make things flexible and ensuring you can get away with it." [Read the review]

BAXTTON Magazine

"This brilliant little button does what no other button can do." [Read the review]


"A modern tie for the modern man. Even though there's nothing wrong with owning a multitude of ties, we urge you to consider investing in a few good ones" [Read the review]


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I really enjoy the great quality of COCHIC cufflinks, especially their simple contemporary elegance.

A. Torriani

General Director at Ritz-Carlton Montreal

Our clients appreciate the comfort brought by the COCHIC button. It is an ingenious accessory that we can no longer get by without.

Marie-Claude Pelletier

Les Effrontés

I would like to congratulate COCHIC's team for the initiative you show to help citizens protect themselves against the COVID-19.

François Legault

Premier of Quebec

I absolutely love this silk scarf, a definite eye-catcher! The unique print of the historic Ritz-Carlton Montreal marquise is composed of rich colours, and it beautifully accents any outfit. Lightweight and easy to offer, it also makes a lavish gift for a woman of any age.

Sheryl Hetu

Assistant General Director at Ritz Carlton Montreal

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