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Patrizia Angela Casubolo - CEO & FOUNDER

What I'd really like is for the COCHIC brand to be recognized internationally as a brand of values. We're a very human company and my desire is to convey these values through fashion.

Our product line includes:

Collar Extenders

Expand your market appeal with shirt collar extenders, offering added comfort and versatility to customers. Enhance customer satisfaction by addressing common fitting issues, ultimately increasing sales and loyalty.


Waist Extender

Enhance market reach with pant waist extenders. Embrace inclusivity, convenience, & differentiation by offering solutions for diverse body shapes. Boost revenue by addressing common pain points & showcasing commitment to customer needs.


Signature Ties

Elevate your store's appeal with COCHIC's signature ties. Our exclusive designs offer customers unique luxury, setting your brand apart and attracting loyal clientele seeking sophisticated style and innovation.


Bow Ties

Timeless elegance for formal wear or daily refinement with our silk bow ties. Crafted from premium silk, these ties offer versatility and lasting quality. Stand out with unique designs, perfect for gifting, and driving sales.



Diversify your store's offerings with a luxurious selection of scarves. From elegant silk to cozy cotton and warm wool, along with timeless pashminas, our range caters to diverse tastes and occasions. Enhance your customers' style and comfort while boosting sales with these versatile, high-quality accessories.


Handmade Pashmina

Enrich your store's offerings with our exquisite handmade pashminas. Crafted with precision and passion, these luxurious accessories promise unmatched quality and timeless elegance.


Silk Pocket Squares

Enrich your store's offerings with our premium silk pocket squares. Exuding elegance and refinement, these meticulously designed accessories add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

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Organic Cotton Socks

Level up your eco-game with top-shelf comfort! Our 100% organic cotton socks are soft, breathable, and ethically made. Happy feet, happy customers, happy planet!



Premium cufflinks in various color and design. Perfect for gifting, these beauties boost impulse buys & attract new customers. High-quality materials, lasting appeal, & brand recognition.


Antibacterial Mask

Stay healthy in public spaces and workplaces with our antibacterial masks. Crafted from 100% cotton with BI-OME tech, offering 99.9% microbial reduction and >97% BFE & >96% PFE.

Become a Partner

Diversify your store's selection with COCHIC's range of innovative accessories. From shirt collar extenders to waist extenders, bow ties, signature ties, and luxurious scarves, our products offer practical solutions and stylish accents for every wardrobe. By featuring COCHIC items, you'll cater to a wider audience seeking quality and diversity, while enhancing customer satisfaction and bolstering your brand's reputation for innovation and authenticity.

To become a COCHIC® vendor or partner, please contact:

+ 1 888 596 5518

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