Our B2B section is reserved exclusively for corporate clients and strategic partners who are offered preferential pricing, customized products, personalized service and white glove support from our team.

Whether you are looking for a personalized corporate gift item or to offer COCHIC patented products to complement your existing retail offering, our range of custom tailored products allows businesses, such as yours, to uphold your prestigious image by offering high quality garment accessories to your esteemed clients.

We are pleased to count among our most prestigious clients, world renowned partners such as: Ritz Carlton Hotels, Chemise-Homme, Moores, etc.

Please note: The prices displayed in the catalogue (when logged on in the B2B section of the web site) are already discounted for our corporate clients and strategic partners.

Regular Orders: Please allow 3 weeks for delivery time from the date ordered.

Customized Orders: Please allow 2 to 3 months delivery time from the date of your initial order. For subsequent recurring orders, the delivery time is reduced to 6 weeks.



COCHIC® Extenders for Shirts and Pants are uniquely patented accessories that are manufactured without metals, don’t pinch, and are more comfortable to wear.

Gloria International Inc. offers a 90-day manufacturing guarantee when returned with proof of purchase. Shipping charges are bared by the corporate client.


Contact : sales@cochic.com 

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