What is Pashmina?

Originating from the mountains of Kashmir, a region nestled between India and Pakistan, genuine Pashmina fabrics are world renowned for its unmatched quality.

Expertly Crafted

We've sourced Pashmina shawls crafted from the finest grade of wool harvested from a rare breed of goats raised by Kashmiri shepherds.

Naturally Dyed
Weaved By Hand

Local artisans carefully hand-weave the wool to produce the fabric, then shape the pieces into shawls and scarves, before colouring them with natural vegetable dyes. The result is a warmth, softness and lightweight composition that only authentic Pashmina can offer.

Highly Specialized
Embroidery Techniques

Next, the shawls and scarves are distributed to local families specialized in Pashmina embroidery to hand stitch the final patterns and designs. This typically takes a few months to complete.

Once finished, you have a timeless treasure that is sure to be an invaluable addition to any wardrobe.

As Unique as your Fingerprint

Each COCHIC Pashmina is a meticulous piece of art, made with the utmost care using the finest wool available. Fabricated with quality materials and fair labour, we ethically source our Pashminas from local artisans and support local economies.

COCHIC Pashminas are a product of family labour and contribute to sustainable livelihoods.

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Authentic Pashmina products are crafted from the delicate hair of Pashmina goats, commonly known as raw Cashmere.

There are many shawls and scarves marketed as “Pashmina”, but real Pashmina is always 100% Cashmere and handmade in the regions of Kashmir and Ladakh.

Because of its exquisite hand-embroidered needlework and the rare, luxurious warmth and softness it offers, real Pashmina will always be expensive.

Real Pashmina is made from an ultra-rare wool found only in the Kashmir and Ladakh regions, providing a unique combination of warmth, softness, and lightness to the garment. It requires a series of unique processes that local families have perfected over centuries.

Pashmina is highly labour and time intensive, which is why it is so costly to produce. Roughly forty pairs of hands are involved in the handmade fabrication of our pieces, infusing the shawls with tradition, care, and emotion.

Cheap Pashmina is usually reproduced by machine, and does not contain 100% traditional Cashmere wool.

Simply wash my hand with cold water and a few drops of shampoo. Rinse properly and hang to dry. Our Pashmina can also be dry-cleaned.

All our Pashminas are unique, one of a kind pieces. Should you wish to buy a Pashmina in a certain size, colour or design, please contact us by completing the form at the bottom of our Special Orders page.