Stay Healthy Pouches

Stay healthy and safe on the go with our versatile collection of antibacterial utensil pouches. No more plastic forks or flimsy disposable options! Our essential pouches are crafted from 100% cotton, offering optimal breathability and comfort for your eating utensils.

But here's the secret sauce: we've infused them with BI-OME technology, providing a 99.9% reduction in microbial growth. That's right, say goodbye to germs and bacteria lurking on your forks and spoons! Plus, they boast a BFE of > 97% and a PFE of > 96%, offering additional protection from airborne particles.

Pack your lunch with confidence:

  • Stay fresh and protected: BI-OME technology keeps your utensils hygienic wherever you go.
  • Eco-conscious choice: Say no to single-use plastics and embrace sustainable cotton pouches.
  • Multiple styles and sizes: Find the perfect pouch for your cutlery, from chopsticks to spatulas.
  • Convenient and easy to clean: Toss them in the washing machine for effortless maintenance.