The Incredible Tie You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Ties, ties, ties… We love them and we hate them. On one side, they make you look great. They give your outfit an extra notch of formality and they are ubiquitous with businesswear. When you make the effort of wearing them, people notice.


On the other hand, ties can be quite bothersome. They hang around when you bend over, fly in the air when there’s wind, strangle you and keep you hot around your collar.

Flapping tie

Now, think about it. A simple solution to keep yourself comfortable in your collar is our collar extender. Another solution for keeping the tie in place is the tie bar. However, tie bars must be specific lengths and at specific heights, making or breaking your outfits easily.


*Cue a COCHIC tie.* Well, THIS is a simpler way to solve the problem of a hanging tie. Have you ever found a patented tie on the market? We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t.

Cochic Tie

What’s so particular about our patented tie?


All of our ties have a stay-on system! What’s a stay-on system, you may ask? When you tie your tie, you naturally have the slimmer end of it that hangs behind.


In order to avoid the hanging, the tie blade is here to keep the slim end from flapping (hanging and swinging). Well, we took the opportunity to change things up and include a buttonhole and a loop system on the blade!

 Stay-On System from Cochic for ties

How does that make it anyhow innovative? Well, by inserting the slim end inside the blade and attaching the blade to a dress shirt button, you stop the flapping and the tie stays in place!

Loop stay on system for ties 

Simply insert a shirt button to the blade, however high you need it to be and wherever your shirt buttons are placed, and you don’t have to worry about anything! No need for tie bars and farewell the annoyance of flapping and dirtying your tie because they unexpectedly swing in your food.

 Stay on system buttonedTie staying in place

Is the stay-on system the only benefit to our ties? NO!


Additionally, to our patented system, COCHIC ties are handmade in Montreal, Quebec with fabrics coming straight from Cuomo, Italy (the hub of Italian silk ties!). Made in 100% silk, our ties embody the best quality of fabric with handmade sewing, making for a tie that will last a lifetime!


Buy a COCHIC tie today and it will stay by your side for years and years to come.


What are you really purchasing when buying a COCHIC tie?


First of all, you support fair and ethical practices of labour. We do not make our accessories from low-cost countries; you support a North American company, with North American seamstresses and a team based in Montreal, Canada!


Second of all, you support slow fashion. Here at COCHIC, we are believers of slow fashion. Not only are our accessories a better alternative for the environment in contrast to slow fashion, we want to make sure your wardrobe has the right foundations; classic and timeless designs, high quality and ethical!

 Cochic ties, elegant, timeless, classy

Lastly, you are investing in yourself. Our ties are not given, and we know it. However, we can GUARANTEE you: we put our heart and passion into those ties to provide you with the best quality and product as possible.


When you buy a COCHIC tie, you are telling yourself that you are worth it. You invest in a better wardrobe. You are investing in timeless pieces. You allow yourself to become a better version of yourself!


Come take a look at our collection of ties and see for yourself how you can better your wardrobe with quality products. Once you feel what great quality accessories are, you will never settle for less ever again!


Check out our ties and other accessories now!


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Until then, have a great COCHIC day and we will see you on the next one!





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