How Does a Collar Extender Work?

We've all been through days when we had to wear our office attire, but felt constrained by our shirt's collar because we wear ties, have a wide neck or feel uneasy. So you were wondering, how can I stretch my shirt collar and finally be comfortable?

Well, say goodbye to uncomfortable days at the office. Introducing COCHIC's Collar Extender to help you breathe in your clothes and feel comfortable while staying stylish.

Wondering how do collar extenders work and how to use it? Read on!

What is a collar extender?

Often discreet, collar extenders are small accessories that you add to your shirt in order to obtain an extension of the circumference of your collar. This way, you get rid of the choking sensation of a tight collar. This keeps you stylish and does not undo the first button on your shirt.

Isn't that ingenious?

Cochic Collar extenders

  • Material

    • Every collar extender is made of high quality resin to replicate a shirt’s button material as well as possible. They are durable and will not damage your shirt collar. Additionally, they offer an elegant, modern design and can be worn as a fashion accessory. As for the elastic band, it is made of the best quality of elastic available on the market.
    • Different parts

      • The collar extender is made of two parts; the button (which can change in colour) and the elastic (which gives the elasticity and comfort of the extender).

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How to Use a Collar Extender?

Here is a little infographic explaining how to use a collar extender!.


  • Benefit of a Collar Extender

    • Are you always in-between sizes when buying a dress shirt? Do you have to compromise on your shirt’s fit in order to feel comfortable around the neck? If you size up your neck size, then your shirt is too big for you. When you size down, your dress shirt fits perfect except around the neck. That’s when the collar extender helps you feel more comfortable without compromising on comfort.
    • The collar extender can also be used as a cuff extender (extenders with smaller elastics are also available)
    • Collar extender will help you feel more comfortable when wearing dress shirts with ties or when the collar button is fully buttoned.
    • Did your dress shirt end up in the dryer and shrunk? Is your shirt still wearable but too tight around the neck area? Elongate your shirt’s life with the collar extender by keeping your neck area comfortable.

What Makes the COCHIC Extender so Different?

Elastic band

Our elastic band gives longevity to the extender and helps for full flexibility to hug your collar while in movement without pinching.

Quality Resin

The resin, in contrast to the metal-based extenders, will not damage your shirts in the wash were you to forget the extender removing your shirt.

How do I Choose the Perfect Collar Extender?

When buying your collar extender, you have to pay attention to three aspects:


Our extender is available in multiple colours to match your looks no matter what you are wearing. An extender should be seen as a fashion accessory that adapts to your outfit and different circumstances. Some will prefer them discreet but do not be afraid to choose flashy colors such as red, blue or gray, your outfit will be even more sophisticated! If you're unsure how to match colours in your outfit, go give this "4 TIPS FOR HOW TO MATCH CLOTHING" post on stylegirlfriend.com a read!


Depending on your dress shirt, you may need 16L extenders or 18L extenders (the latter has a longer diameter for bigger shirt buttons)

Extension level

Do you need extension for your collar or maybe your cuffs? Depending on where you need it, you may want to check the elastic band size for maximum comfort. For an optimal level of extension, the extender must provide at least ½ extra size to your shirt collar i.e. 3/8''. If the stent is too small, then you probably won't gain enough comfort level. Choose a variable or elastic extension to make sure your shirt collar fits snugly around your neck.

How Do I Style my Collar Extender?

Why try to hide your extender? It can be a trendy accessory that enhances your look! Here are 3 ways you can use your COCHIC collar extenders to give a touch of elegance to your outfit, so take advantage of summer to try them on!

1 - Use it without a tie

An original way to enhance your outfit and add a touch of elegance "à la COCHIC" is to wear your collar extender without a tie but rather as a fashion accessory that attracts the eye. Indeed, on a white shirt why not opt for a coloured collar extender?

2 - Use it for your shirt cuffs

Personally, I like cufflinks. The problem is that many shirts don't allow you to wear them. But there is a simple and very elegant solution thanks to the collar extenders. The latter adapt perfectly to the sleeves of shirts and allow a more sophisticated look.

Cochic Collar extenders

3- Matches your favorite tie

Indeed, why not kill two birds with one stone by opting for a collar extender tuned to your tie? As we often say: it's all in the detail!

So dare to make a difference!

Does a Custom-made Shirt Need an Extender ?

A custom-made shirt is, by definition, adapted to your morphology when you have it made. But during washes the collar can shrink or during moments of stress your neck tends to swell. The collar extender allows you to increase the life of your shirts without losing elegance.

In conclusion, there are different types of collar extenders which vary according to their level of quality, the material, the colour or the level of extension. Choose it carefully just like the rest of your outfit!




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