Shirt Collar Extender Egg Shell (3pcs, Natural Color)
Shirt Collar Extender Egg Shell (3pcs, Natural Color)
Upcycled Eggshell Shirt Collar Extender

Shirt Collar Extender Egg Shell (3pcs, Natural Color)

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Upcycling is a popular practice in the world of sustainable fashion, and it involves using waste products and unused materials to create something new and useful like our upcycled shirt collar extender. Eggshells are a byproduct that is often overlooked, but they can be transformed into a unique and innovative sustainable fashion accessory - shirt collar extenders for men's and women's shirts.

These collar extenders are crafted from upcycled eggshells, resulting in a sustainable and eco-friendly product that is perfect for those interested in slow fashion. They make a conscious choice to reduce waste and support a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. These accessories showcase the versatility of upcycled fashion, transforming a typically discarded material into a valuable and fashionable addition to anyone's wardrobe.

By supporting upcycled fashion and opting for eggshell shirt collar extenders, individuals can elevate their style while also contributing to a more sustainable future. Every small step toward sustainable fashion helps build a more environmentally conscious industry.

About our extenders:

  • STYLISH AND PRACTICAL: You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Expand your shirt collar up to 1 1/2" (40 mm) so that you can breathe comfortably while staying chic. 
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our metal-free upcycled products have been tested for durability; they won’t rust or tarnish. Plus, there’s no risk of damaging your shirts or ties in the wash. Our soft elastic band keeps its form over time, providing maximum comfort.
  • SOPHISTICATED PACKAGING: Our extenders come in high-quality packaging crafted from recycled materials, offering a luxurious unboxing experience. The perfect gift for any sophisticated person!
  • ORIGINAL PATENT: COCHIC is the original collar extender owned by Gloria International Inc. Our innovative product is patent-protected in Canada, the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Thailand.
  • SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS AND MADE IN NORTH AMERICA: We take pride in the well-being of our employees and in helping local communities with our fair business practices. COCHIC is a certified Women-Owned business.
  • WHITE ELASTIC BANDS: These extenders come with white elastic bands that can support up to 9 lbs of pressure and blend seamlessly with your shirt.

This set includes:

  • 1 shirt collar extender
  • 2 cuff extenders
  • Elastic button closure for shirt collar: extends up to 1 ½" (40 mm)
  • Elastic button closure for cufflinks: extends up to 3/4" (15 mm)
  • Button diameter: ⅜" (10.2 mm)
  • Made with upcycled material: Eggshell Natural Color
  • This product is utility patent-protected worldwide
  • All extenders fit standard buttonholes

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