COCHIC Extenders

COCHIC’s patented collar expanders provide the comfort you need when wearing a shirt, thanks to an expanded collar circumference. There’s no need to go up a shirt size or compromise on fit or style. Remain at ease and stay elegant all day long. COCHIC’s cuff and waist extenders are also available for added comfort.

Unlike traditional metal collar extenders, at COCHIC we have developed button-down shirt extenders made of polyester resin and attached to the highest quality elastic. Not only will they not pinch your neck, but they will not damage your shirt or pants in the wash. Our collar extenders are designed for flexibility and can also be used as pant extenders.

Available in a variety of colours, you can keep it simple and neutral with the white or black collar extenders or add a little pizzazz to your outfit with the red, blue or multicoloured buttons. COCHIC shirt collar extenders are also available with the Canadian or American flag.