Reusable filter PM2.5 - Cochic
Reusable filter PM2.5 - Cochic
Reusable filter PM2.5 - Cochic

Reusable filter PM2.5

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PM2.5 filters are protective filters that are worn with the Cochic face masks to add an extra layer of protection and filtering. The main purpose of these filters is to clean out the air you are breathing while offering an extra layer of cloth to protect, additionally to the 3-cloth layer from our masks. PM2.5 filters are special as in they contain in themselves 5 layers of filters, which go as follows:

o   Filter 1: Anti-sticking cloth to filter dust

o   Filter 2: Filter cloth for industrial pollutants, automobile exhaust, second-hand smoke, pollen allergies

o   Filter 3: Activated carbon and benzene; smaller function of filtering dust microns

o   Filter 4: Efficient filter cloth to filter density, smaller material

o   Filter 5: Anti-sticking cloth to filter out all kinds of harmful substances

Main Applications: hospitals, out, site, tourism, colds, operating workshops, farms, haze weather, cold and warm

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