Say Goodbye to Summer with these Fall Fashion Tips

As we get ready to bid goodbye to summertime and embrace the sweet chill of pumpkin in the air, it is important to realize that our clothes need not be disposable. Our last blog post focused on how important slow fashion is and the need to be sustainable. Here is a guide on how to transition between seasons without buying a whole new wardrobe.

 1. Invest in Basics

The first rule of slow fashion is to invest in clothes that last more than one season. The clothes don’t have to be boring. They can be fashionable and eco-conscious at the same time. A classic hoodie, for example, is a good purchase. Just put on this C2 hoodie and go for those long walks watching the golden autumn skies.

Another item that must be there in your wardrobe is basic full-sleeves shirts. Autumn is the time when it is not too hot but the chill in the air may surprise you. A full-sleeves shirt is a savior. Just have a look at the Cochic shirt and tell us you are not tempted to buy it.

2. Layers

Give a touch of fall vibes to your clothes by adding layers to it. Your summer look can easily turn into fall poetry by just adding a layer of clothing. A white Cochic dress is perfect for those summer outings but pair it with a cardigan and you are ready to cozy yourself up and read that favorite book. Don’t forget your Pumpkin Spice Cider!

 3. Accessorize

The perfect way to welcome the fall is to accessorize, accessorize and accessorize! Spice up your plain outfit with a scarf and tell the world that you have arrived. Cochic has a beautiful collection of Italian silk scarves that are a must-have for your wardrobe! (See the collection here.)

For men, this is the perfect time to wear neckties and cufflinks to give your clothes an upgrade! Need to find the perfect tie? We have got it covered. Check out our collection here.

To conclude, Fall is the time to embrace the change and enjoy the colors of nature. Turning of leaves doesn’t mean having to turn the whole wardrobe. Smart shopping is more sustainable and investing in the right clothing goes a long way!

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