Luxury Italian silk foulards for women

Ideal for keeping warm during the cool seasons and staying cool during the summer, luxury silk scarves for women are fashion accessories that are both useful and beautiful. Our luxurious Italian silk scarves will make you feel pampered, while bringing a touch of elegance to all of your outfits. Our high-quality materials are not only extremely soft, they are also very durable, as preserving the natural environment is at the very core of our values.

Our scarves are 100% hand sewn in Italy, and are true works of art. Find the perfect Italian square silk scarf in Montreal, for an added touch of tasteful refinement to any outfit. We present you with beautiful creations from our own designers as well as from several collaborations, like with Rhodie Lamour, for unique motifs that will make your style and personality shine.

Bring a classic contemporary elegance to your outfits or stand out with stunning and bright colors. No matter your style, when you wear a Cochic luxury silk foulard expect to be showered with compliments. From work outfits, evening dress or casual wear, find the perfect silk scarf for every occasion.

Whether you enjoy playing with complimentary colors or enhancing an understated but elegant outfit with more sober or natural colors, a quality Italian silk foulard is the perfect fashion accessory. For customized fashion advice and tips, come out and meet our team of professionals, at our Montreal Cochic fashion boutique. We will help you find the perfect silk foulard or scarf for you and your style. 

Bring out your classic elegance with “Les Médaillons”, stand out with bright colors from the watercolour inspired “Cocktail chic” scarves, show of your style with sublime flower patterns inspired by Italian gardens with “Les Jardins Fiorito”, and much more.

Discover our warmer “Madame Curie” silk foulards designed for the cooler seasons, which also pay tribute to the very first woman to have won the Nobel Prize. These scarves combine silk and wool and boast warm colors that are perfectly suited for your fall looks and outfits. 

Whether you enjoy knotting it around your neck, casually tossing it over your shoulders or even tying it to your hair or your handbag, a silk scarf is a versatile accessory that can satisfy your every whim and fancy. Let your inspiration guide you and express your personality freely with these unique designs. 

Several sizes and styles are available, like longer fluid scarves for women, wide or thin, shawls or even squares. Whatever your preference, you will find a Cochic luxury silk scarf you love.

Find the perfect Italian silk scarf for your style, in Montreal, and take advantage of free delivery with our online fashion accessory boutique. You can also choose free pickup in our Montreal studio, so that you can take a look at the rest of our collection!