How to Choose Your First Collar Extender By Rhodie Lamour

I was fascinated and intrigued when I discovered COCHIC and realized how their accessories bring great value to our personal image. My natural curiosity led me to familiarize myself with their collar extenders.

A real favourite!

As an image consultant who believes in evolution through style, I have often heard the disappointment of my clients about the overly fitted collars of their shirts. This is especially true when the client has certain morphological peculiarities.

With clients spread across several countries, I can confirm that the need to be comfortable and chic is felt all around the world. Eager to contribute to your elegance and guide you in your choice of collar extender, I present my first selection based on colours.

Why choose neutral colours?

To begin with, neutral colours, both in clothing and accessories, are the first choice for several reasons:

  • They complement all the colours and combine well
  • They are easily found in the market
  • They are multi-purpose in the business world
  • They suit all types of skin tones
  • They are more discreet and hence, have repeat value

Now that it has been established that neutral colours are my preferred choice, let's review together the colours that are currently considered neutral.

In this selection, we retain black, white, and grey as the traditional neutral colours. I also recommend blue as it is considered a modern neutral nowadays. These four tones of neutrals are present on the online store. Note that the cord of the collar extenders can be either white or black depending on the colour of your shirt. COCHIC definitely thinks of everything!

A special colour just like neutrals!

Our first selection does not stop there. In colours other than the neutrals mentioned, red wins as a colour as it harmonizes well. With a black or white cord, depending on your wardrobe, this collar extender will add a touch of cheerfulness for some or sweet recklessness for others.

I hope I have introduced you to the subtle and fascinating world of colours, in connection with your collar extender! To learn more about my image advice, I invite you to contact me by email at


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