How Many Dress Shirts Should a Man Have?

Updating your wardrobe throughout the year can be a great way to boost your confidence, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and ensure you are comfortable in each changing season. Dress shirts are becoming increasingly popular for men's daily or weekly attire, whether they are dressing for work, a date, or just to feel good about themselves.

As a male, you may wonder just how many dress shirts should a man have in his closet?

Whether you are occasionally dressing up or donning a suit daily, the number of custom dress shirts a man needs varies from one person to the next. COCHIC offers handmade bespoke dress shirts made in Canada equipped with collar extenders to meet the needs of all men.

When do you wear a dress shirt?

The first questions to ask yourself are: “how many dress shirts do I need for work?” and “how many dress shirts do I need for special occasions?”.

Your profession

If you have a profession that requires professional attire daily, you may need more dress shirts than those who work in a casual workplace or have a remote position. In other words, you’ll likely need more dress shirts to ensure the same shirt is not worn more than once a week.

The second thing to ask yourself is, “how many dress shirts do I need for special occasions?”

Special occasions

How many special occasions are already planned, weddings RSVP’d to, or other events that would require dressier clothes than your typical wardrobe allows? Do you go out to fancier dinners often?

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How many dress shirts should a man own?

Once you have determined how often your schedule requires you to dress nicely, you can answer your questions, “How many dress shirts should I own?”.

At a minimum, it’s a good idea to own 1-2 dress shirts, as you never quite know what life events will come your way. However, men who wear dress shirts and a 100% silk necktie daily will generally want 5-7 shirts to ensure they have a clean shirt every day.

What is your style and personality?

Your personality says a lot, and can play a huge role in your fashion, including wearing of dress shirts. Do you have more of an edgy or conservative personality? There are many color options, styles, and fits of dress shirts available, making the possibilities endless.

If your personality is more relaxed but you want to dress it up a bit, you might find comfort in a simple collared button-down shirt in a timeless white or blue. The classic button-down can be dressed up or dressed down by tucking or leaving the shirt untucked, wearing jeans, or adding a necktie. Those with a more professional, modern style might opt for a custom dress shirt, suit jacket, tie, and slacks.

Whether you dress up or dress down for your daily wear, it doesn’t hurt to have a formal option available when needed.

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What fabric dress shirt should you have?

The main type of fabric that makes up your wardrobe depends on several factors — like what makes you comfortable and the environment in which you live. Those living in cooler areas may want a thicker material than a person living in an area with a hot, humid environment.

a man in a charcoal grey shirt

Cotton is the most recommended material for most everyone, but particularly for people living in cities that experience higher temperatures or humidity levels as it offers breathable, cooling comforts to the person wearing it.

Cotton fabric allows for optimal airflow and is a stronger, more durable material, meaning it will last longer without wearing out when cared for appropriately. If you opt for Italian cotton, you’ll know you’ll be wearing premium, high-quality cotton.

In cooler weather, many men find comfort in a wool fabric dress shirt as this material provides thick, warming comforts and is suitable for all events. Wool has been the go-to for countless men living in a snowy state as it has exceptional heat-retaining qualities.

A flannel button-down shirt has been proven to provide exceptional warmth to those who wear them although these shirts are not intended to be worn with a suit jacket in more formal attire.

What color shirts should a man have in his wardrobe?

The classic go-to color for a “neutral” dress shirt for men seems to be white, but how many white dress shirts should a man own? Though white dress shirts are the most common color purchased, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing — especially when it comes to your wardrobe.

White dress shirts

No two white dress shirts are identical in shade and reflect differently in various lighting. Personal shoppers recommend having at least two different white dress shirts (it’s always best to have a backup). Whether you have a conservative personality and wear muted colors often or you opt for vibrant patterns, certain scenarios call for subtle colors, such as for paying respect to a loved one that has passed.

Blue dress shirts

A blue button-down dress shirt offers versatility that other colors cannot. A royal blue dress shirt can be dressed up for a formal event, dressed down to be casual, or even spruced up with a vibrant or patterned tie.

Men that work in a setting that requires a dressier look might opt for two different blue shirts – one with collar extenders to ensure their necktie fits and a simple button-down for any occasion.

Colors and patterns

There is no right or wrong when it comes to dressing yourself. If you’re comfortable and confident in a bright, colorful dress shirt — go for it! With current trends, business attire is no longer muted tones and three-piece suits. It includes bold patterns and endless color possibilities.

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At COCHIC, we specialize in handmade custom dress shirts made in Canada. Our team understands how an updated wardrobe can boost confidence, which is why we have made it our mission to provide men with stylish and comfortable clothing using high-quality fabrics. When it comes to dress shirts or men's accessories, whether it be collar extenders, elongated collars, patterns, or popular classic colors of white and blue, we have got you covered!

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