3 Ways to Wear Your Collar Extender

Why hide your collar extender? It can be a stylish clothing accessory that enhances your look! In this article, we present 3 ways to use your COCHIC collar extenders to give a note of sophistication to your outfit. Try it now!

You’ve discovered the COCHIC collar extender and how it works. You’ve never looked so stylish AND felt so comfortable wearing a formal dress shirt or a collared button down shirt. But now you’re ready to bring your fashion game to the next level.

Here are 3 original ways to wear your COCHIC collar extenders:

1 - Use it Without a Tie


Cochic Collar extenders


Wearing your collar extender without a tie is an original way to enhance your outfit and add a touch of elegance, à la cochic. Turn your extender into a fashion accessory that attracts the eye. Why not opt for a coloured collar extender on a white shirt? Or go for a touch of luxury with our COCHIC collar extender made of Australian mother-of-pearl?

2 - Use it For Your Shirt Cuffs

Personally, we like cufflinks. They exude elegance and style, yet many shirts aren’t made for them. But there is a simple and very dignified solution to this problem. COCHIC extenders adapt perfectly to the cuffs of any shirt and allow for a more sophisticated look. They work so well, we’ve even created special extenders just for shirt cuffs. Discover our cuff extenders here.


Cochic Collar extenders

3- Pair it with Your Favourite Tie

As we often say: it’s all in the details. Kill two birds with one stone by opting for a collar extender to match your tie. Our patented Italian silk ties are handmade and designed to stay in place. They come in a variety of colours that can easily be paired with our extensive collection of COCHIC collar and waist extenders.

So dare to make a fashion statement with your collar extender. Be elegant, be cochic!

Did You Know? Our Extenders Are:

STYLISH AND PRACTICAL: You don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Expand your shirt collar up to 1 1/2" (40 mm) with the 16L button, or up to 1 3/4" (up to 44.5 mm) with the 18L button, so that you can breathe comfortably while staying chic. Available in many colours to match all your favorite shirts.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our metal-free products have been tested for durability; they won’t rust or tarnish. Plus, there’s no risk of damaging your shirts or ties in the wash. Our soft elastic band keeps its form over time, providing maximum comfort.

SOPHISTICATED PACKAGING: Our collar extenders come in high-quality packaging offering a luxurious unboxing experience. The perfect gift for any sophisticated person!

ORIGINAL PATENT: COCHIC is the original collar extender owned by Gloria International Inc. Our innovative product is patent protected in Canada, the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Thailand.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS AND CANADIAN MADE: We take pride in the well-being of our employees and helping local communities with our fair business practices. COCHIC is a certified Women Owned business.

WHITE ELASTIC BANDS: Each collar extender comes with a white band to blend seamlessly with your favourite shirt. 

Discover our collection of collar button extenders today!

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