Our COCHIC Collection is Growing

‘If you don't grow, you aren't really living.’- Gail Sheehy

COCHIC believes in providing elegance without compromising on comfort. We are always experimenting and innovating to find ways to make our customers feel confident and classy. And so, it pleases us immensely to announce that we are expanding our collection. 

The Idea behind COCHIC Shirts

After creating our first collection of patented ties, it was just a matter of time that we introduced our own line of COCHIC shirts. And here we are!

Presenting our new line aimed to always keep your style sophisticated. This new sustainable collection thrives across the scenes of a modern ‘life on the move’ while at the same time resonating with COCHIC’s values. “Our shirts are designed to enjoy all-day comfort. They are impeccably stylish for leisure time or formal occasions, featuring luxury Italian fabrics with local sartorial tailoring.” said Monica Deidda, head of production at COCHIC.

The Royal Blue Shirt

A wrinkled shirt is every businessman’s nightmare. A business trip means having countless meetings and living out of the suitcase. When you are constantly on the run, the last thing you want is a shirt that needs ironing. In such a case, this blue shirt is nothing short of a savior. 

Made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton, this shirt is easy to iron and can easily fit in a suitcase. You can wear it to office meetings or a get-together with your friends. It won’t disappoint.  

What makes it unique is the COCHIC’s signature ‘Stay Healthy’ fabric on its sleeves and under collar. The matching buttons just add to the look.

We are taking pre-orders now! 

The Primula Silver Black shirt

This fitted shirt with its stylish sleeves and deep neckline exudes girl power. It is practical yet elegant. You can wear it to the office or at the after-work party with your friends. 

Made of 100% cotton, it is the same ‘Stay Healthy’ fabric that we use for our masks. The fabric is anti-bacterial and treated with BI-OME technology. That means no irritation and goodbye smelly armpits!

We are taking pre-orders now! 

We are excited!

We have always tried to innovate and make our customers’ lives easier. This is our new initiative, and we are excited to add more to our collection.

Till then stay tuned and stay Cochic!