“Stay Healthy” 99.9% Antibacterial Mask - Green Stargazer
“Stay Healthy” 99.9% Antibacterial Mask - Green Stargazer - Cochic
“Stay Healthy” 99.9% Antibacterial Mask - Green Stargazer

“Stay Healthy” 99.9% Antibacterial Mask - Green Stargazer

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We all have to wear masks. Why not wear a stylish one?

  • Antibacterial: treated with BI-OME technology, our “Stay Healthy” masks treatment reduces microbial growth by 99.9%, effective for the lifetime of the mask.
  • BFA: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 97%
  • BFE: Particle Filtration Efficiency > 96%
  • Comfortable for Skin: antibacterial treatments keep your skin safe and soft even after all-day wear (8 hours). No pimples, no irritation, just healthy skin.
  • Protective: CDC and Health Canada compliant, all of our masks have 3 layers of cloth to keep a protective thickness for you and others.
  • Perfect Fit: All our masks are designed with adjustable elastics and an extra inch of width than your usual mask to fit all face shapes and sizes.
  • Quality Fabrics: the  masks are made of 100% cotton for optimal breathability and temperature regularity
  • Kids-Size Available: children should stay protected too; that is why we offer junior sizes for the little-ones!
  • PM2.5 Filter: our filter pocket insert allows to put a PM2.5 filter inside for an additional 4th layer / Each mask comes with 2 PM2.5 filters FOR FREE.



DISCLAIMER: these masks are non-medical grade and are not substitutes for N95 surgical masks or procedural masks, not FDA approved. They should reduce, under correct usage, person-to-person droplet transmission of a virus, the inhalation of pollution and do help free up the use of CDC compliant medical masks for the purpose of treating patients with COVID-19 symptoms. We make sure we comply with both CDC and Health Canada's constanly evolving measures to provide the best protection for you.

For health and safety reasons, all face masks are final sale and are unfortunately not eligible for a refund or an exchange.

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