Travelling with COCHIC, get comfy!

Feeling uncomfortable on a plane is a normal thing. Many of us feel stressed or anxious while traveling, often resulting in greasy hair, thirsty skin, and, of course, the post-flight bloating. Bloating according is where your tummy and neck feel uncomfortable, typically accompanied by symptoms of discomfort.

But what if you’re on a business trip? Are we willing to compromise your professionalism buy unbuttoning your collar and waist? will the sensation of tight clothes diminish your confidence?

What if you’re just one button away from sealing a deal?

When we have a headache, we take a Tylenol, an Advil or something similar. When our clothes no longer fit and hurt, we either purchase new ones or exercise.

Well, we can’t lose weight or buy clothes while taking a cab to your meeting or in 10 minutes. But let me tell you what you can do in less than 10 minutes, and in your cab: relief your discomfort with our waist and collar extenders. In a split second, you will find your confidence again and your clothes will fit, again, like a glove.

However, losing weight or buying new clothes is not feasible in the time it takes to travel to a meeting or within a 10-minute timeframe. Let me tell you what takes less than 10 minutes and can be done in your cab: alleviate your discomfort with our waist and collar extenders. In an instant, you'll regain your confidence, and your clothes will fit like a glove once again.

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