Matchmaker’s Guide to finding Mr. ‘Right Tie Knot’ for your collar

Matchmaker’s Guide to finding Mr. ‘Right Tie Knot’ for your collar

For every Romeo, there is a Juliet and for every Roger there is a Nadal; for every Sherlock, there is a Watson and for every Batman, there is a Robin. Similarly for every shirt collar, there is a right tie knot waiting to be embraced.

Dressing up is nothing less than an art and the right necktie knot can either make or break your appearance. When deciding upon which necktie knot to wear, one must consider three major elements: the shirt collar style, the fabric and the length of the material, and the face type and build.

In this article, we are going to focus on four popular necktie knots and the right shirt collar to go with them.

Before we jump to the whys and the why-knots (did you see what we did here?), one must understand the basic rule of wearing a necktie- the inside border of the shirt collar should correspond to the outside border of the necktie. A necktie should not push its way out of the collar.

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1. Four-in-hand knot

Four-in-hand knot or the ‘Simple Knot’ is one of the most common tie knots in practice. Men are not exactly known to have patience to tie a knot (exceptions are always there) and this style is a blessing for them. The ease of tying and untying the knot makes it a popular choice. A standard tie length of around 150 cm is just perfect to tie this simple knot. Mostly worn for social outings and parties, it exudes carefree nature and sophistication at the same time.

It is versatile and can be worn with almost all collar styles such as narrow-spread and buttoned-down collars. (A guide on different types of collars. Source:

Video on how to wear a Four-in-hand knot: Click here. (Source: Gentlemen’s Gazette)

2. Windsor Tie knot

Windsor Necktie Knot is as formal as its name. It boasts of perfect symmetry, firmness and has a wide triangular shape. You will usually find men wearing this style at weddings and business meetings. Due to its larger knot style, it is best suited for spread or cutaway collars. Please note that the tie length needs to be longer than the usual. As an unsaid rule, try to buy a tie length at least 10-15 cm longer than the standard size if you want that perfect Windsor knot.

Video on how to wear a Windsor knot: Click here. (Source: Howcast)

3. Half- Windsor Tie Knot

In terms of formal wear, Half Windsor tie knot appeals more to Smart Casual Dressing crowd. Looking at its shape, it is less firm than a Full Windsor but more triangular than a Four-in-hand knot. Just like a Windsor knot, this also requires a longer tie length to get that perfect knot. This is undoubtedly the most versatile of all the knots yet underutilized. It is best suited for light to medium fabric.

Wear it with collars with intermediate wideness, club collars or pinned collars.

Video on how to wear a Half Windsor knot: Click here. (Source: Reef Knots)

4. Pratt Tie Knot

Pratt Knot is symmetrical in shape and creates a perfect dimple for your necktie. Because of this, it is often considered as an alternative to Half Windsor knot or a double four-in-hand knot.  It works well on medium-spread collars, tab collars, club collars as well as button-down collars.

Video on how to wear a Pratt Knot: Click here. (Source: Howcast)

In the end, it is all about creating harmony between your necktie and the shirt collar and rest assured, it will be a perfect match!

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