5 Reasons You NEED a COCHIC Collar Extender

Picture this: you just bought an amazing dress shirt at your favourite store. The fit is great, the look is impeccable, and your know the shirt will complement your wardrobe perfectly. The next day, you wear it to work: suit on, tie tied, dress shirt buttoned for a sleek and elegant look.


You go on your day to day and then your colleague drops her pen. Courteously, you bend over to reach out to it and you notice a sharp pain that appears on your way down: your dress shirt is strangling you because it is too tight around your neck!

You can’t breathe anymore. The blood fluctuation to your neck increase and you feel like you’re struggling for air. You unbutton the first button to your dress shirt seeking for comfort but you realize how sloppy your collar and tie look with your button unbuttoned.


Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we all go through it. Nobody has a body structure that fits off-the-rack clothes perfectly and chances are, your neck area is most probably a regular problem.


Well fear no more, we got a solution for youI It’s called the collar extender. Our patented little gadget is our best-seller that easily attaches to your shirt button in order to expand your collar and add some breathing room to your neck. Click here to get your own(URL link)!


Not convinced that this product is for you yet? Keep reading! We got for you 5 Reasons why you NEED a COCHIC Collar Extender NOW. Let’s get right into it.

Collar extender infographic not choking, expanded dress shirt collar

 1. Multi-purpose: can also be used as cuff expanders


Are your wrists also struggling in your shirt? Or maybe you are wearing a bulky watch that does not fit in your cuffs? Our collar extender got you covered! You can insert your extender into your cuffs and wear your nice watch without being bothered by the tightness of your cuffs.

Collar extender as cuff extender2Metal-free, does not pinch nor damage your clothes


You may have seen some of our competitors online. Cheaper and made in metal, a few brands have tried to mimic our system. However, metal extenders come with their own set of problems. First of all, they occasionally pinch your neck. This goes against the main advantage of the extender: comfort! Second of all, if you put a metal extender in the wash by accident or forgetfulness, the metal can damage your shirts. We all get distracted sometimes and those forgetful moments should not punish you!


Our metal-free system will keep your shirts intact in the wash as our resin button and elastic are washing-machine friendly.


3. The packaging is great


On top of all those benefits, we pay attention to details. We want to offer your collar extender in the most stylish way possible. This is why our packaging is different: elegant, nice colours, and the when you open it, it reminds a shirt being opened too! A product goes a long way and we appreciate when you purchase our items. This is why we want to give you the best of the best and this includes creating an amazing packaging for you.

cochic collar extender package closedCollar extender cochic package open


4. Made of quality-material, ethically made in North America


Nowadays, we got to know where the products we purchase are made. We want people to be paid fairly, in great working conditions, while reducing waste. Our collar extenders are fully made in North America, in manufactures that pay their workers fairly. We believe in being COCHIC (a synonym for us that translates into being innovative, passionate and morally driven) and we want to treat our workers the way they ought to be treated.


Additionally, our collar extenders are made of the best materials we can find on the market. The resin that constitutes our buttons has been crafted after a lot of trial and error to get the right color, finish and quality. Our elastics have been tested and challenged in many ways in order to provide the best quality of material and we can proudly say our product is putting quality over quantity, a value that has been lost throughout the years but that we are slowly reinstalling back.


5. Acts as a fashion statement


At COCHIC, we want to put your style forward. Especially in offices, where everyone tends to wear the same things, we want to promote style and individuality. You can promote your own sense of style by using your collar extender as a fashion piece without a tie. Bring your colours to light and stand out from the crowd with COCHIC!

Stylish man smiling with cochic collar extenderCollar extender as cuff extender stylishCollar extender with scarf style 



All in all, our collar extenders are much more than a simple solution to tight shirt collars. They come in handy (no pun intended) around your wrists, they are so comfortable you’ll forget they’re even there, they can act as fashion items and they promote fair trade and wages. Be COCHIC now and become a part of our family by subscribing to our newsletter and getting your first, but not last, pair of collar extender! See you on the next one.

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