How to Choose a Quality Tie

Choosing a tie is very important because it has a great impact on your overall appearance. Today, there is a very wide choice of ties on the market and it can seem difficult for some to spot which tie is of good quality and which is not. So how do you choose a good tie? How to recognize a quality or luxury tie? Because unfortunately the price is not everything...

In this article we will explain the most important points not to neglect when selecting your tie!

1 - The fabric

The choice of fabric is one of the basic criteria when choosing a garment or fashion accessory in general. For ties it's the same thing, we find different fabrics like cotton, wool or cashmere but if you want the best it's silk. Silk is a natural fibre produced by silkworms which gives the textile a unique texture and appearance. However, its quality varies according to the type of fibre used and the weaving technique, which explains why silk from Italy or England can be much more expensive to buy. Nowadays most brands use Asian silk, so be sure to check this point!

2 - The origin

You must pay particular attention to where your tie comes from. Depending on your budget, favour countries with a reputation in the field such as England, France or, even better, Italy.


Cochic Italian handmade tie

3- Manufacturing

A good tie is handmade. When this is the case, you will find an inscription on the label such as "handmade in Italy" for example. Handmade ties are more elaborate and have a finer finish, you can check the seam that joins the two sides of the fabric on the back of the tie: the stitches should be even and not too tight to keep the tie flowing.

Cochic Italian Handmade Tie


Woven or printed?

A woven tie is a tie whose patterns have been created through the interlacing of fibers of different colors during manufacture, while a printed tie is obtained by printing on the fabric. Printed ties often have more complex patterns and more varied colours.

4- The size

A classic tie measures 149 cm from tip to tip but there are also XL models that can measure up to 166 cm. These XL ties can be useful if you have a large size. In terms of width, the "classic" tie measures between 7.5 and 8.5 cm while the "slim" or "narrow" tie measures between 5 and 7 cm. Your choice can be made according to your morphology.

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