New at COCHIC: Les Médaillons Silk Foulard!

The foulard is one of the oldest fashion accessories. It was once used by airmen and military men to mark their rank and unit. This textile was also particularly prized by women, having been popularized by major fashion houses such as Hermes or Versace. Over the centuries, the foulard has taken various forms to adapt to the successive fashion trends. Nevertheless, it has remained the absolutely perfect accessory of all times. Being versatile, it provides a refined touch to the outfits. Chic, useful, and timeless, the foulard is a must-have item in our wardrobe.

Available in various colors, patterns and materials, it is sometimes difficult to choose a foulard that goes with every outfit and blends in perfectly. We have made this choice easier for you with our season’s new launch - Les Médaillons Silk Foulard.

The color:

The new foulard is a combination of royal blue and gold color. The royal blue is a true classic and provides a luxurious look to any outfit. The gold color that predominates the foulard is a reminder of wealth and abundance. Gold gives us courage and clothes us with beauty.  A combination of these two colors is nothing but pure elegance and enchantment. 

The design:

Each design element of the Les Médaillons silk foulard is placed with distinct thought that accentuates the personality of every woman. The foulard features the symbol of the medallions, which denotes the prizes we receive for each small or big Victory. As it goes in Haitian culture, the belts symbolize strength and resilience to adapt to different eventualities.

The chains represent collaboration, fluidity, and union. It is a reminder that everyone’s life is made of little links which constitute every small story that leads to the bigger picture.

The chains also represent our brand collaboration with institutions such as Leucan (for the cancer cause) which is trying to make the dreams of several thousands come true. Both COCHIC’s and Rhodie’s symbols placed in the foulard represent evolution through style - a reminder always to embrace yourself, your well-being and your image.

The material:

Les Médaillons foulard is 100% silk. COCHIC uses premium silk that adds emphasis to the accessory. Silk foulards have always been an embodiment of elegance and provide that classic touch to the outfit. Silk used by COCHIC comes from Como in Italy.

The style:

All these features put together - color, design and material, you have the season’s most stylist foulard that can go with all your outfits - be it the classic style where you tie it around your neck or the contemporary style where you tie at a headband or to the wrist.

Being a tribute to the fluidity of a special collaboration between two ladies united by their passion for life, style, and beauty - Patrizia, Founder of COCHIC and Rhodie Brand Ambassador of COCHIC, the new Les Médaillons silk foulard tells a story - YOUR STORY.  It denotes all the elements in you that you own - Strength, Fluidity, Victory and Evolution.


Why you can’t miss the new COCHIC Foulard?

Because it is simply everything you could dream of: a silk foulard that is practical, versatile, and elegant and that adds a touch of color to your outfit. It honors your image evolution through style. Both the color and design echo each other with elegance, style and much more of what it portrays. Chic and timeless, this foulard will bring you both strength and softness in your everyday life. Les Médaillons silk foulard will find a way to your wardrobe and to your heart! 

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