The "Stay Healthy" Collection from Cochic

Since the beginning of March, the world of fashion has been going about their business in the best way they can, in a very disrupted way. Many businesses, whether small or considerable, were faced with conditions they had never faced before and fashion was an industry that was heavily hit.
Fortunately, like some, out of these unprecedented times, came to life a brand new line of clothing in an attempt to help each other..

The COCHIC®Stay Healthy” collection is the result of many changes and pivots we made to adapt to our customer’s urgent need to stay safe while leveraging our innovative edge we are so well known for.  More than ever, we needed and wanting to get creative during these uncertain times .

Our strong company values live and breathe through this new innovative product, thus the reasons why we made it our flagship collection that will carry on with the COCHIC® brand.

The antibacterial cotton we exclusively produce in Italy with our suppliers denotes the utmost quality both in the fabric and its natural, safe treatment for antibacterial properties. 

What is an antibacterial cotton and how does the antimicrobial effect takes place?

Many of you will wonder what it means to purchase, let's say, an antibacterial cloth mask . It all comes down to the treatment the cotton has. Another question you might ask yourself is, what is so different with yours mask ? Well, you are right to ask… and at the end of the day, apart from the innovative design we offer, it all comes down to the treatment the cotton has.
You see, when the fabric is being manufactured, the cotton is treated with the BI-OME technology, which enables antibacterial properties. Those properties are essentially making the fabric an environment that prevents bacteria from multiplying on the surface.
When bacteria come in contact with the treated fabric, the bacterial growth is prevented to up to 99.9%. Unable to multiply, the bacteria immediately dies. Therefore, contamination is prevented, offering a safe environment for use both for the wearer but also for everyone else around her. Just think of how many times you pull your mask in and out of your purse, your suitcase, or displace it from your car, to a counter or to your desk … wow ... so many opportunities for it to get infected !

So just right there, it’s a HUGE difference that our COCHIC “Stay Healthy Masks” are 99.9% antibacterial because the antibacterial treatment is actually built it from the get go !

Whether you would like to store your "Stay Healthy" accessory somewhere (inside an antibacterial pouch for instance) or you accidentally touched your mask on your day-today errands before sanitizing your hand, the antibacterial treatment of the fabric will make sure all bacteria on the cloth is taken care of.

Ideal for kids going to school and for people who wear masks all day due to work, the COCHIC® reusable antibacterial mask also prevents skin irritations due to extended usage of the mask. No more "maskne" or skin rashes!
Stay Healthy Mask and Pocket Square

Is an antibacterial treatment dangerous for your skin?

While many antibacterial treatments or sprays use chemical products that could preoccupy customers, the BI-OME technology used for our fabrics is completely safe for skin exposure.
Stay healthy scarves

Something else that you should know : The technology is certified by OEKO TEX standards, which means the treatment has been tested for harmful substances to the skin and is lab-approved for use without any harm to the skin.

Finally, the COCHIC®  Stay Healthy collection masks come in a wide range of colors and two sizes.  With a nose clip, adjustable elastic bands, 3 layers of true antibacterial cloth, filter and a practical pouch (available separately and with certain models), I am sure you now understand just how different our “Stay Healthy” face masks are. 

Stay Healthy.  Stay Safe.  For Real.  Stay Cochic.

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For more information on The BI-OME technologyand the The OEKO TEX Standard 100