Cochic’s Mask Initiative: What Happened 4 Months Later?

Since the reopening of the economy, masks became THE fashion statement for everybody. After weeks and months of adapting to the people’s needs, we continued to develop better and nicer masks. Of course, providing mask was like a race. Who could provide the quintessential masks to everyone? Well, here at Cochic, we saw face masks as much more than a trend. We worked very hard to make sure we could provide the best mask possible. Let us show you how we improved our product to better tailor to your need!


How did we get started producing masks?

We started producing masks in April. Our CEO, Patrizia Angela Casubolo, of Italian origins, wanted to create products that could help Italian, as well as Canadian, communities to get ready for the pandemic to take the world by storm.

She then started producing masks out of Italian fabrics and at Cochic, we follow the best developed practices within the production of medical cloth adapted for face protection (we use the same cotton fabric as hospitals).

Followed by Patrizia, we then started educating ourselves on the best fabrics to use for this kind of situation. Although we specialize in high quality Italian silk with our fashion accessories lines, we really wanted to provide the best of the best to put on your face, which is why we opted for antibacterial cotton.

Face mask stylish fashion men 

Cochic’s Quality Cloth Masks 2.0? Yes please!

Let us show you how our mask production improved since the last blog post in May!

Firstly, we introduced a new type of cotton: the antibacterial cotton!

Treated with BI-OME technology, the masks are antibacterial, which means that it prevents skin irritation, “maskne” and reduces bacterial growth by 99.9%! No more skin breaking out around your chin. Feel comfortable while wearing your masks all day!

Secondly, we added adjustable ear bands for adjusted fit. We all have different face shapes and sizes, which is why we need adjustable bands to accommodate! No more mask slipping off because the mask is too big. No more ear pulling because the ear bands are too small. Adjust your bands accordingly and feel great.

Adjustable elastic ear band face mask 

Thirdly, we introduced a brand new type of filter: the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Filter (BFE Filter)! Unlike the PM2.5 filter, the new filter is made to filter bacteria of small sizes. While the PM2.5 filter would block out particles of up to 2.5 micron, the BFE filter is made of 3 layers of cloth, blocking out particles of up to 0.1 micron in size! This means even if there are airborne bacteria, the filter will be able to block it out to keep you safe.

Did we mention that the BNE fabric is the same fabric that is used for surgical mask? While the BNE filter is sold separately because our masks are already antibacterial, they can be used on your already purchased masks that are not antibacterial or used when the antibacterial treatment is not efficient anymore (which happens after 30 washes).

TNT BNE Filter  

Fourthly, we are introducing matching antibacterial pouches for your masks, sold in special bundles to put your masks away once you are done using them for the day! Get your bundles now and easily store your masks when needed. We also added matching pocket squares for men, going back to the office in style and fashion.

 matching pouch with face mask antibacterialmatching pocket square with face mask office fashion

Finally, as we have in-house seamstresses, we have been able to expand our services to even more customized options. Do you have special needs for your masks? Specific measurements needed? Modifications you would like to make to your masks? We got it. You can come visit the office at the 4020 rue Saint-Ambroise or send us your mask and we will adjust it for you free of charge.

Stay Healthy Mask lookbook

face mask men matching pocket square

Men wear black face mask stylish business fashion women wear green mask

Women purple face mask stylish fashion

You can shop the Stay Healthy Masks, get yourself and your loved ones protected now! Until then, we will catch you on the next blog post! If you liked this story, make sure to like the post and subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest COCHIC news and publication notifications.  Have a very Cochic day!