Slow and Sustainable Wins the Race

When we think of fashion, we think of trends that change way too often. Fashion industry has at least 52 micro-seasons in a year. It is fast and it is definitely addictive. Combine this with our fear of missing out, and you get a perfect recipe for a highly unsustainable industry. In such a scenario, is slow fashion even a possibility or just a far-fetched fantasy?

The Dirty World of Fashion Industry

According to the World Bank, 40 percent of clothing purchased worldwide is never used. The consumers either outgrow them or the clothes are simply not ‘trendy’ anymore. This means around 92 million tons of clothes are just thrown in the trash every year. The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of wastewater. Not to forget the harmful pesticides and chemicals used to produce the fast-fashioned goods that we love so much. Our planet is in danger, and the fashion industry is not exactly helping.

 The Oxymoron called Slow Fashion

The term “Slow Fashion” was coined by the designer Kate Fletcher in 2008. Inspired by the Slow Food and Slow Living movements, Slow Fashion makes people more conscious about what they wear and the impact their fashion choices have on the environment. It is a movement that encourages people to buy fewer clothes of higher quality, that are made using sustainable processes. At its essence, it celebrates people and the planet.

Even though slow fashion seems like a relatively new concept, it is fast gaining popularity. Especially after the pandemic, more people are becoming eco-conscious and want to buy brands that believe in transparency and sustainability. 

This pandemic saw a lot of fashion and luxury brands suffering huge losses. According to a study by BCG, sales have been down by 30-40% worldwide. Consumers are expected to spend less in the near future. And the money that they are going to spend is most probably going to be on more sustainable brands.

This is a time when brands NEED to be sustainable and encourage slow fashion.

How to join the ‘slow fashion’ wagon

The slow fashion movement encourages building a timeless wardrobe. Instead of buying stuff that may get out of style soon, invest in basics and essentials that have stood the test of time. Also, it is very important to choose quality over quantity.

Fast fashion may seem trendy and inexpensive. But we should not fall into the trap. These products look easy on the pocket, but they are not meant to be long lasting. As a result, we end up spending more than we ever intended to. Not to forget the environmental impact they have. For instance, one non-organic cotton shirt takes up to 2700 liters of water to be produced! Now that is a lot of water wasted on a shirt that will not even last a season! The pathetic working conditions of the labor employed for these fast fashion products is a topic for another day. But one thing is for sure- it is not sustainable in any way!

COCHIC believes in slow fashion!

We, at COCHIC, believe in the concept of slow consumption. We do not entertain mass production. All our products are custom based and have a story to tell. We employ people from local communities who know their craft and build sustainable products meant to last long without compromising on their quality.

Our products are comfortable. And they are chic. Or to put it simply- they are Cochic!