cochic pant extender


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COCHIC® Extender is a uniquely patented accessory that is manufactured without metals, doesn’t pinch and is backed by a 90-day manufacturing guarantee when returned with proof of purchase.  

Quantity: 3   Color: BLACK   One size: 1 to 2 cm (3/8” to 6/8”) extension elastic – It extends the pants circumference by an additional 2 cm (6/8”) to the waistband.   Button Diameter: 15.3 mm (3/8″)  

Material: Polyester resin of the highest quality.

Elegantly packaged, making it easy to store discreetly in your pants pocket!  

MADE IN CANADA COCHIC® is a socially conscious company and strives to make a difference in the local communities. We proudly work with Canadians to hand make all of COCHIC® Extenders – A beautiful partnership which translates into superior product quality and financially rewarded employees.