EcoCHIC: A Sustainable Revolution in Fashion Accessories

COCHIC's "EcoCHIC" collection represents a significant stride towards slow fashion and sustainability in the realm of men's accessories, specifically shirt collar extenders. Crafted from a blend of recycled and upcycled materials like coconut fiber, rice husk, rice straw, coffee grounds, eggshells, and recycled plastic bottles, these extenders are designed to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Incorporating natural colors to eliminate the need for chemical tints, EcoCHIC merges style with eco-consciousness, showcasing how slow fashion can flourish with sustainable practices. By choosing products from this collection, consumers actively participate in reshaping the fashion industry into one that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on style. COCHIC's EcoCHIC collection is a testament to the transformative power of recycled and upcycled materials in crafting eco-friendly men's accessories that redefine the concept of shirt collar extenders.

Cochic accueille Rhodie Lamour dans sa famille d'ambassadeurs

La marque de mode éthique basée à Montréal, Cochic, est heureuse d'annoncer Rhodie Lamour comme sa dernière ambassadrice de marque. Une ligne spéciale de foulards serait créée et dédiée à Leucan, un organisme voué à aider les personnes atteintes de cancer et leur famille

Notre collection Cochic s'agrandit !
Si tu ne grandis pas, tu ne vis pas vraiment. " - Gail Sheehy Cochic croit en l'élégance sans compromis sur le confort. Nous sommes toujours en train d'expérimenter et d'innover pour trouver des moyens de faire en sorte que...