How to choose the perfect collar extender ?

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Collar extenders are not well known accessories but can be very practical, allowing you to feel more comfortable in all kinds of conditions.

What is a collar extender ?

Often discreet, collar extenders are small accessories that you add to your shirt in order to obtain an extension of the circumference of your collar. This way, you get rid of the choking sensation of a tight collar. This keeps you stylish and does not undo the first button on your shirt. Isn't that ingenious?

How to choose your collar extender ?

  • The material :

The type of material used for manufacturing is very important as it is crucial for your accessory to be of good quality and stylish worn. There are three main types on the market: those made of metal, plastic or resin. The first are sold at a very affordable price but have a major defect : they may damage your shirt with the metal tips. And if you're looking for an elegant collar extender to wear, go on your way. Those made of plastic are also an economical solution but the quality remains low and you will certainly have to throw them at the ends for a short period of time. The third category is the resin-based collar extender. They are durable and will not damage your shirt collar. In addition, they offer an elegant, modern design and can be worn as a fashion accessory.

  • The extension level 

For an optimal level of extension, the extender must provide at least ½ extra size to your shirt collar i.e. 3/8''. If the stent is too small, then you probably won't gain enough comfort level. Choose a variable or elastic extension to make sure your shirt collar fits snugly around your neck.

  • The color

As mentioned above, an extender should be seen as a fashion accessory that adapts to your outfit and different circumstances. Some will prefer them discreet but do not be afraid to choose flashy colors such as red, blue or gray, your outfit will be even more sophisticated!
It can also be interesting, in some cases, to deal with more noble materials, like mother-of-pearl, which will add value to your outfit and it will make all the difference!



  • Does a custom-made shirt need an extender ?

A custom-made shirt is, by definition, adapted to your morphology when you have it made. But during washes the collar can shrink or during moments of stress your neck tends to swell. The collar extender allows you to increase the life of your shirts without losing elegance.

In conclusion, there are different types of collar extenders which vary according to their level of quality, the material, the color or the level of extension. Choose it carefully just like the rest of your outfit!


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