3 ways to wear your collar extender

Black shirt collar extender with a bachelor tie

Why try to hide it? It can be a trendy accessory that enhances you! In this article we will present you 3 ways to use your Cochic collar extenders to give a note of elegance to your outfit, so take advantage of summer to try them on!

1 - Use it without tie

An original way to enhance your outfit and add a touch of elegance "à la Cochic" is to wear your collar extender without a tie but rather as a fashion accessory that attracts the eye. Indeed, on a white shirt why not opt for a colored collar extender or made of Australian mother-of-pearl?

Cochic Collar extenders

2 - Use it for your shirt cuff

Personally, I like cufflinks. The problem is that many shirts don't allow you to wear them. But there is a simple and very elegant solution thanks to the collar extenders. The latter adapt perfectly to the sleeves of shirts and allow a more sophisticated look.


Cochic Collar extenders

3- Matches your favorite tie

Indeed, why not kill two birds with one stone by opting for a collar extender tuned to your tie? As we often say: it's all in the detail!

So dare to make a difference!

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